Leadership Speaker and Trainer


Donald has spent over 10 years speaking to small and large groups in conference settings about the workforce and how to motivate people to perform.

Donald has the unique ability and perspective to communicate across generational cohorts. He navigates effectively between baby boomer business owners and an increasingly millenial dominated workforce to build future leaders who can manage modern work places. Donald has shared his knowledge before large crowds in business keynote addresses, with small specialized work groups, and even in one-on-onecoaching with some of country music’s rising stars in Nashville, TN. Specializing in developing leaders,inspiring teamwork, manifesting confidence and developing an individual’s personal brand, Donald has developed a library of free content available online for audiences in every stage of life.

Below are sample clips from: “Why People Do What They Do”

Keynote Speeches 

Donald Jenkins provides keynote, introductory and closing speeches customized to fit your event needs and audience expectations. These 60 to 90 minute keynote addresses can be delivered in person at your event or virtually upon request.

Program Requirements:

• A comfortable presentation space with seating for all audience members

• Audio Equipment (As necessary to communicate with audience, dependent on size and room capacity)

• Computer projection equipment to share PowerPoint materials

• Audience list and attributes at least 24 hours prior to any engagement


$2,500 + Travel Expenses (beyond Nashville,TN)

Why People Do What They Do

Why people do what they do is more clearly understood after learning various ways we each approach and process the world. Donald presents a fun, insightful presentation that examines the different personality temperaments and interactive styles. This program enhances communication skills by identifying what motivates individuals based on their core needs and strengths, which are essential in building an effective team and better relationships.

This presentation includes prepackaged audience materials that can be added for an additional $10/person.

*Also available in a half day session.

Personal Branding for Leaders

In Personal Branding for Leaders, audience members are given an immersive tour of what experts have found to be best practices in leadership, then taught how to differentiate their leadership style by defining their personal brand. Donald will engage with the audience to create a personalized experience that applies these learned best practices to the industry and work that audience members do every day.

Developing Your Personal Board of Directors

Ever heard the old adage, “You are who you surround yourself with?” This simple truth is easy enough to see, but building your own personal board of directors to support and guide you on your path to success can be more difficult. Donald engages audience members in a thorough discussion about productive networking and how to engage contacts that will help them reach their goals.

Making It Happen: Guide to Doing What You Love

In our “Never Enough” modern society, people face a host of anxieties that can leave them questioning everything that matters in life. In the “Making it Happen: Guide to Doing What You Love,” Donald guides audience members through the #MAKINGITHAPPEN process of identifying what really matters, creating a plan for taking the next step and gaining moment through, consistent and deliberate work.

Additional Topics Coming Soon! Ask Donald at info@donaldjenkinsnow.com

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